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For many people, packing up and moving to California is a dream come true, which is why they often end up selling their unnecessary items, packing up their car, and driving down to the West coast. While it can be easy to picture one’s life in California, making it in this state isn’t exactly as simple as it sounds, which is why having a game plan is so crucial. The following are the top 5 things to consider before moving to California.

If Your Have a Reliable Source of Income

One of the most important things to do before moving to California is applying to jobs, going to interviews, and landing a job. Moving to California without having found a job can end up backfiring on a person, especially when they have already quit their old job and sold most of their personal items. Having a reliable source of income is crucial, as it can prevent an individual from having to sleep in their car — or worse — not having a place to sleep at all. Should a person be moving to California without having any potential jobs lined up, they should ensure that they at least have three to five months rent in their bank accounts, as this can allow them to live a decent life while looking for a job.

If You Need a Place to Stay Until You Find an Apartment

In some cases, individuals are going to need to rent a room or stay with a friend before finding an apartment in California. This is because it can be difficult and risky to rent an apartment without having seen it in person, which is why having a place rented before arriving in California is a great idea.

If You Have Enough for a Deposit or Last Month’s Rent

Many apartment buildings in California are going to ask their new tenants for either the last month’s rent in advance, or a deposit of some sort. Having either or of these demands in hand is going to help an individual land an apartment more easily, as most landlords won’t think twice about refusing a tenant who does not have any financial security to offer them.

If Your Animal Is Going to be Welcomed

Before moving to California, it is important to consider whether or not one visit site can bring their pet, and since abandoning their pet isn’t a possibility, finding an apartment that is animal friendly ahead of time, is crucial.

If Your Landlord is Thorough

When a tenant signs for an apartment in Riverside, CA, they should ensure that the building’s landlord is thorough. This is because, should complications arise, their landlord needs to repair any issues. For example, should a Going Here tenant need AC repair in Riverside, their landlord should be able to help them out — provided that the AC unit isn’t the tenant’s.

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